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July 12, 2013 Health Info Newsletter: Your Privacy, Vitamin C & Exercise, Motion Sickness


I have covered many subjects in the past years.  If you have a health concern start with a search here at my website.  If you need further assistance contact me, I have great sources of information.

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Recent news has been about government tracking of personal data...The phone companies do that too.


Vitamin C and Exercise

Shortness of breath can be terrifying during exercise, and it's a problem that can affect anyone, no matter your level of fitness. In fact, up to half of competitive athletes say they suffer from shortness of breath during exercise.


If working out leaves you feeling like you're sucking air through a drinking straw, Finnish researchers have uncovered a powerful natural cure that could open your airways, load your lungs with life-giving oxygen, and have you breathing an amazing 50% easier at your next workout!


According to a study just published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, a group of University of Helsinki researchers asked volunteers to pop between 500 mg. and 1,000 mg. of vitamin C before exercise. And that one simple vitamin pill was all it took for volunteers to slash their symptoms of bronchoconstriction (airway tightening) in half!


Researchers think vitamin C may help counter some of the muscle tightening around your airways that's triggered by histamines released during exercise. The study's lead author says just 1,000 mg. of vitamin C two hours before you exercise may help you breathe easier and better than ever.


Spend your summer vacation free from motion sickness


Q: My wife and I have been talking about taking a cross-country drive for years, but I'm afraid I'll spend most of the trip doubled over with nausea. What can I take for motion sickness?


Dr. Wright: I'm going to provide you with a three-pronged attack that I hope will allow you to spend time enjoying the scenery, instead of worrying about keeping your lunch down.


First, bring some ginger capsules along for the drive. Women have been using ginger for years to beat the nausea of morning sickness, and it's also been proven effective for motion sickness. Aside from capsules, you can find fresh ginger and ginger tea in just about any grocery or health food store.


Second, be careful about what you eat before and during your trip. A study from the University of Pennsylvania found that people who ate a high-protein diet were slower to develop motion sickness, and their symptoms were less severe. So load up on those healthy proteins, like fish and poultry, and keep that bag of pretzels out of sight.


Third, you may want to try an acupressure band, which can help with your nausea. These bands work by stimulating the P6 acupressure point on your wrist, and I've known many patients who swear by them. Try these three tips, and you may feel powerful relief from your motion sickness.

Jonathan Wright, MD